Smeale Farm Guided Tours

There is a feeling of history and continuity here on the farm and we delight in sharing our environment and knowledge with our guests.

You choose:

We can focus on history, food production or wildlife conservation, depending on your interests, fitness, weather and what is happening on the working farm that day. When the weather is less than ideal, tours can be designed to tell our story round the farm buildings, keeping you dry and comfortable.


Our ancestors have farmed much of this land since 1515, when records began on the island. On the 240 acres we now farm there is a bronze age tumulus at the end of the garden to Smeale Farm Cottage (600-2,000 years B.C.) and
Smeale Farmyard’s buildings span from the 1500’s to the present day. Features include the remains of a wattle canopy fireplace, a ziggurat-style fireplace with beehive oven, several dwellings, horse walk and the wall of a beggars’ house.

Wildlife Conservation

Smeale Farm is a past winner (2006 and 2014) of the Manx Farm Conservation Challenge “Bronze Chough” Award for excellence in conservation in balance with commercial farming. We can take you “on safari” through this area.

Don’t forget:

  • We have some wellingtons for you to borrow from adult sizes 4-12. We advise you to wear sun block on sunny days, sensible footwear and trousers.
  • Also enjoy lots of farm photos on our Facebook page.