Farming Year

You may wish to book your holiday when Smeale Farm has a particular activity happening e.g lambing, harvest, apple harvest. To help you decide when to visit Beth has devised diagrams about our sheep work and field work. Smeale Farm has a traditional rotational crop pattern which is better for both wildlife and soil fertility. Feel free to contact us if you want to make sure your visit coincides with what interests you, bearing in mind that other than lambing (no stopping that happening), other activities are timed according to the weather and that particular season.

Just for interest she has included maps of Nature on Smeale Farm and also Places of Interest. It is amazing how much is packed into the farm and the maps will help you to get a feel for this. You may wish to visit a particular place on your Smeale Farm tour. Holiday cottage guests are not charged for tours, but come as part of your package if you want to see what we do. Book early to get your favourite time of year!